Get the most out of it

The freezer is one of the most useful appliances in Venezuelan homes, learning how to use it will help make it the perfect ally for a long time while supporting its maximum operation.

Preserving food is now much easier with a Condesa freezer in your home or business, as it helps to guarantee the properties of the food and the health of consumers. This refrigeration equipment is also used on a daily basis when preparing foodstuffs ahead of time and preserving them frozen for use during the week for the working day.

Now, using one of our countess equipment is something really simple, however, there are features that are not perceived at first glance; forms of use that are not very clear and we ignore them, therefore; In this article we will show you some important information to take into account when using our Condesa freezer in its different capacities.

Size DOES matter.

Always try to freeze food in small portions, as this will allow the process to be carried out much faster and will prevent further loss of flavor in the food; but keep in mind that they are foods that withstand low temperatures.

  • Check the temperature your food needs
  • Set the temperature parameters you require, optimum freezing is reached at 18 °C below zero; but there are foods such as fish that, to enter this state, must be at 20 ° C below zero.
  • Do not open it in case of electrical problems
  • Our countess freezers are designed to seal when closed; this will help keep the cold inside it longer (without opening it) to preserve food in case there are electrical problems for a long time and it cannot continue its normal operation.
  • Freezing doesn’t mean it will last forever

One of the most common myths that exist when using a freezer at home is that, when protecting food under the proper process; it will manage to be preserved forever, and this does not work like that. All groceries have an estimated time to be consumed; An example could be seen in poultry meat that can remain frozen for up to 1 year, but meat with bone in a period not exceeding 6 months.

Keep food fresh

When storing your food in the condesa freezer, it is essential that it be as fresh as possible; since when you start the cooling process you will be able to maintain a greater number of nutrients in case you prepare them to collect them immediately.

Condesa freezers come in different capacities such as 100 liters, 150 liters, 200 liters, 300 liters and 420 liters for the two product lines such as Roraima and Dinastía; Being very useful for home or for your business. Likewise, these teams perfectly represent the characteristics of the countess as they are fully accessible; counting on digital or analog panels to regulate the temperature level, dual system to use it as you prefer, removable baskets; excellent quality finishes, led light and do not generate frost to maximize cooling.

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