If there is an appliance in the world that is essential in the life of a young person who is taking the first steps of independence from it, it is undoubtedly the double tub washing machine.

Among other things, double tub washing machines are easy to use and in turn take care of cleaning your flannels, pants, underwear, sheets and towels. However, like any good beginner or apprentice of household chores, there are times when we unintentionally introduce objects into our washing machines that can damage them.

Find out what are those three things that we should never put in our washing machine!

We know that housework is not exclusive to a certain sex and unintentionally our lack of experience, whether you are a man or a woman, makes us perform these tasks with methods perhaps very different from how our grandmothers did it; and rather we end up doing what comes to mind.

In fact, we can believe that our grandmothers are a good example of how housework should be done, especially when it comes to washing; where it is thorough, separating clothes by color, turning clothes inside out or not overfilling the washing machine. However, apart from these things, we must worry even more about knowing how to use it. Let’s know more!

3 things that we should never put in our washing machine

Surely you have made some of these mistakes when washing, pay close attention and you will prevent your double tub washing machine from getting out of control and being damaged:

— Pillows

We worry about dust mites, and we certainly obsess over everything; but we believe that our work will be fascinating and easier if we put everything in the washing machine.

Well, we tell you that the washing machines make movements that can damage the pillows; therefore, you should be aware that the pillows can shed internal synthetic material that can cause considerable damage to your washing machine by locking up the washer tub’s motor.

— Clothes with pet fur

If you are one of those who loves their pets so much that they cannot be separated from them, you may be one of those who is killing their washing machine little by little. Pet fur when it gets wet inside the washing machine; they can bunch up and stick to clothes or the drum and even clog drain pipes.

What do we recommend? Use some trick to easily remove your pet’s hair before you wash your clothes and you will easily avoid problems.

— Bills or coins

Possibly at some point you have missed checking the pockets of your pants on more than one occasion, leaving behind a coin or bill that ends up inside the washing machine and this is very harmful to said appliance. Coins or bills can damage the washing machine drum by getting stuck in the rotor.

Finally, we love having helped you with these tips that every apprentice in the domestic area should know; And if you want to know more about the double tub washing machines, enter here or follow us on Instagram