The Condesa electric oven is your best ally in the kitchen, in it you can prepare the most exquisite desserts and meals from your recipe book; It is for this reason that we tell you all the benefits they bring to you.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to change the traditional for the conventional; And without a doubt, the electric oven is the ideal part for that change that you so desire in your kitchen. With it you can greatly take advantage of some of the advantages of cooking with this type of oven.

In fact, one of the excuses or myths that are generated around this type of appliance is about light consumption; And it is that many people have the expectation that electric ovens can create an excess of electricity consumption; and the truth is that they are of average consumption.

A clear example is that when cooking pizzas consumption is lower, since the cooking time is short of about 15 min. About.

  • Let’s see the benefits of having a Condesa electric oven
  • The easy handling.
  • Faster preheat.
  • Decrease in cooking time.
  • Cook different types of food, between sweet and salty.
  • Heat small amounts, depending on consumption.

By having an electric oven you are undoubtedly lucky; is that they are a great ally in the kitchen and you can also prepare food in the way you want such as: meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, desserts, gratin, among others.

Remember at Condesa we have different models of electric ovens, to make your life easier.

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