Semi-Automatic 8 Kg Red Cover Washer Version 2

They have

  • Transparent visor
  • Spin Dry System
  • 2 Washing Cycles
  • Water level identifier
  • Speed control
  • Air Fresh System
  • System Fluff Catcher
  • 2 independent motors (Washing and Centrifuging)
  • Water selector
  • Water inlet hose
  • IPX4 (Anticorrosive) resistant plastic housing
  • Easy to move wheels

Dimensions 735x430x925 mm
Net Weight 18.5 Kg
Type: Double tub
Warranty: 1 year for factory defect.

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Our Semi-Automatic washers have independent motors in each tub, which helps to optimize your washing time since you can Wash and Centrifuge at the same time.