200 Liter Upright Freezer

They have:

  • Dual function: Freezes and refrigerates.
  • Analog temperature control.
  • Interchangeable doors.
  • Adjustable bases.
  • Easy Slide shelves.
  • Separate storage compartment.
  • Optiflow technology.
  • Hermetically sealed rubbers.
  • Withstands high voltage peaks.
  • Wheels for easy movement.

Net Capacity: 200L
Type: Vertical Freezer.
Color: Stainless steel.
Dimensions: 550 (Width)x 570 Profound)x 1430 (High) mm
Net Weight: 45,5 Kg
Coolant: R290.
Warranty: 2 years for manufacturing defects.

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Small details that make a difference!

Our Dual Freezers have an Analog Panel where you can regulate the cooling options to the level you want to adapt to your needs.

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