4-burner stoves Black 20″ L/Amazon

It has:

  • Natural gas injector kit included
  • Ergonomic knobs
  • Bases of 5cm in height
  • Oven with Easy Clean cover (Easy Clean)
  • High resistance enameled grids.
  • Tempered glass cover.
  • Full electric ignition.
  • Spill-proof cover
  • Reinforced burners
  • Large capacity oven

Measures: 485 (Hump) x 550 (Deep) x 870 (High) mm
Weight: 17 Kg
Type: Gas Cooker
Warranty: 1 year for factory defect.

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You won’t be able to resist the elegance and versatility of our 20″ Amazon 4 burner stove. It has high resistance burners, low gas consumption, includes natural gas injector kit for burners and ovens and has electric ignition.