Air conditioning is one of the appliances that you use the most in hot weather, so it is important that you know what its proper maintenance and protection is, in order to continue enjoying your Condesa air conditioning.

It is important to apply good maintenance to air conditioners, following these tips:

Filter cleaning

The filters of an air conditioner are vital, they collect the dust that is in the environment; therefore its cleaning is frequent with water and detergent (soap); this according to the requirements.

Installation of Condesa Air Conditioners

The installation of air conditioners must be carried out by experts in the area. Given that the air conditioner, whether it is a window or split type, must be properly installed at an optimal inclination.

proper use

There are usage factors that may or may not favor the proper operation of the air conditioner; therefore, care must be taken with high or low temperatures, depending on the outside climate.

Just as it is important to check that there are no open windows, doors or slots; this can make the air work twice as hard. Similarly, setting a temperature lower than normal makes the air work much harder.

Another recommendation is, when you get home after a long sunny day, you should first of all open the windows and doors to ventilate your home; in this way you will prevent the air conditioning from working more than it should.

Now that you know these tips, we invite you to visit our Condesa Zone, where we have available for you air conditioners adjusted to your needs and comfort.