(Marketing Condesa).- Within the framework of the 1st Convention that brought together the Leading Advisors in sales, the home appliance brand with the greatest presence in our country, took the opportunity to present its new acquisition, Condesa Smart Touch.

In this regard, Manzur Dagga indicated that, with this new technological tool, the aim is to inform, attract attention and give more visibility to the brand, the totems will be located in the Condesa Zones of the stores as support for advisors and customers, who will be able to Learn more about the range of products handled by the brand.

“From now on we will set the standard at the national level, we will be the first company in the industry to have a tool such as “Condesa Smart Touch”, a platform with which, in a single touch, information on characteristics, internal parts, operation of our equipment will be available. and in turn, users will be able to know the warranty status”, he added.

Dagga pointed out that customers will be able to get complete information on the appliances they need by simply scanning the QR code located on each file that describes the characteristics of the equipment, and invited all customers to fill out the form that they will find on the page WEB so that they can receive information about new products, contests and promotions.