(Marketing Condesa).- Condesa once again brings its four-burner Río Line kitchens to the Venezuelan market. This time, the Río line has been renewed and designed for kitchen lovers to prepare their recipes in the most traditional way.

This was announced by Manzur Dagga, president of Condesa, who expressed that by bringing this product back to the market; They please housewives who have been writing for some time through social networks, requesting that Condesa bring kitchens of this model.

“We work in order to bring to the market the product that Venezuelans need, that is why we will be guaranteeing the existence in each of our Condesa Zones, located in the stores of our Multimax Store allies,” Manzur Dagga asserted.

Among the benefits of the Río Line kitchens we can mention that they come in black and gray presentation, now with a more elegant design, since it has a plinth that provides greater stability and height so that the user feels more comfortable when preparing their delicious plates.

Condesa Kitchens can be purchased at all Multimax Stores in the country and through Condesa’s online service by writing to the brand’s official WhatsApp +58 414-411.89.30

To conclude, Manzur Ramadan Dagga highlighted that all Condesa products have the quality and support of the excellent after-sales service, which has characterized the brand throughout its history, improving quality.